Web development

Websites or web applications I have developed:

Georgia Creation
Georgia is a French jewelry maker, based in Montpellier. Her pieces are all unique, made of silver and gemstones. This website is a beautiful WooCommerce online shop where she showcases and sells her collection. It implements the following functionalities: multilingual, blog, upsells & cross-sells.
French Authentic
French Authentic is a brand selling imported French Espadrilles. The website is a simple but slick-looking Wordpress online shop.
Vizoo VMS
At MRK Development, I worked in a team of 3 developers on a Visitor Management System (Kiosk system) using PHP, Laravel, AngularJS & JQuery. Worked on both the front and back-end aspects of the project. I was also in charge of the installation and integration process for Windows 8.1 Pro.
Havana Meets Kingston [Coming soon]
A website for the musical project Havana Meets Kingston by the great producer Mista Savona (aka Jake Savona).
Papacoq sells high-quality t-shirts made in Australia but adds a unique French touch to its products. Wordpress & Woocommerce platform, integrated Instagram gallery.
Omniblend France [Coming soon]
Rebuilding from scratch Omniblend France's platform. Omniblend France sells high-quality blenders in France and all over Europe. The website is a state-of-the-art WooCommerce platform with multiple marketing functionalities such as product bundles, upsells, cross-sells, follow-up emails & email marketing, recover cart, custom order statuses, membership area for customers and wholesale clients, dynamic pricing, and many more.
Cybelle Méditerranée
I worked on this collaborative web platform (based on Wordpress) for a NGO whose mission is to collect data in the Mediterranean sea. I developed it with another freelancer (Grégoire Duché, web.gooheg.fr) using the AGILE SCRUM methodology, and tools such as SVN and Flyspray. The project involved specific back-end development, customized panels, advanced front-end forms, Google Maps API and template development.
Happy Day Clean
Happy Day Clean is a company hiring cleaners for luxury properties and high-end clients. All-automated platform: online booking system, automatic refunds, weekly subscriptions, recurring payments, cleaner subscription, internal messaging, cleaner and customer dashboard, etc.
Tela Botanica
COEL is a large-scale web application written in JAVA/GWT. Its purpose is to provide online botanical collections. I worked in this project in collaboration with 3 others developers.
Electron Libre
Wordpress platform with custom and responsive design and Twitter integration.
Massage Schools of Queensland
Massage Schools of Queensland is a leading specialist in the provision of professional massage training throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane, delivering nationally recognised qualifications through a series of engaging and rewarding massage courses. Full-stack project requiring building an entire information system: internal communication tools, school management, file sharing, clinic bookings system. The platform is based on Wordpress, WooCommerce, Bookly and Buddypress.
FUZE Community radio station
A social and collaborative platform for a community radio station based on Wordpress Multisite.
Marie Annick Cebe
Artist, painter
A platform for rush-ticketing based on Wordpress and Marketpress.
Patrice Clerc - Artist
Artist, musician.
Peg Eleanor - Artist
Artist, painter.
Quizz Aix-Marseille University
A quizz for the 100th anniversary of the Aix Marseille University