“You are not given dreams by happenstance. If you have a dream, it’s because you’re meant to act on it.”

Your “Why?” -> Your big vision -> Your 2017 Vision -> The core activities -> Who you need to be

  • Why do you do what you do?
    Your purpose is what pulls you, and is bigger than you.

    on your death bed, there is one last thing you want to tell your grandchild. What is that thing?
  • You big vision
    A vision that is tangible and achievable.
    Exercise: Describe your own tangible and achievable vision of success. That is your “big vision”.
  • Tie your vision to time
    It’s directly building towards your big vision. It has numbers and dates. It feels possible but just at the boundaries of your comfort zone.
    Exercise: December 2017, you’re on the cover of a big magazine. What brought you there?
  • Create activities to actually make this happen
    Yes: what key activities will actually make your vision happen?
    No: what’s convenient, what’s safe, what keeps you busy, what you “should” be doing
    Exercise: What are the activities you have had to do in 2017 to get on the cover of that big magazine?
  • Who you need to be to actually make this happen
    Practices, routine, support.


  1. Tie this road-map to time : yearly > monthly > weekly > daily
  2. Commit to your routines and practices that enable you to be in your power (energy levels: physical, emotional, mental). Have a morning routine and an emergency practice if you are low on energy.
  3. Invest in the support you need
    Accountability-buddy, mastermind group, professional support

@Dojo Bali, April 27th 2017
By Victoria Bauman,



“You purpose as a driven solopreneur”, by Victoria Bauman
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